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1A-3A 2016 State Track and Field results

2016 1A-3A boys and girls state track and field results. Tucumcari Boys 200 meter dash 8. Zedric Henderson Greene, 24.42 3200 meter run 8. Steven Chaney, 11:50.82 400 meter relay 2. Tucumcari, 45.31, 1. John Paul Garcia, 2. Zedric Henderson Greene, 3. Billy Sandoval, 4. Michael Shelton 800 meter relay 6. Tucumcari, 45.31, 1. John […]

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Steve Hansen: Navigating traffic is ‘knot’ enjoyable

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Before I moved to Tucumcari from the Los Angeles suburbs about eight years ago, I dreaded driving in Los Angeles proper. Downtown Los Angeles was a maze of one-way streets and narrow lanes lined with parked cars that never moved. Parking in a lot usually cost more than […]

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Steve Hansen: ‘Smear’ letter is, belongs, in the garbage

By Steve Hansen Former QCS Managing Editor Even in an age of negative campaigning, there should still be a level below which you do not sink. An anonymous letter I received last week that does not even name a funding source — as obscure and hard to pin down as these usually are — sinks […]

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Faith and Lifestyles

God gives us spiritual reminders every day

By Leonard Lauriault Religion Columnist We have three operable vehicles and currently three drivers and soon to be four. I carry keys to only one vehicle and we have only one set of keys to one of the other vehicles, which are carried by someone else. Recently, when I needed to use that vehicle, I […]

Let Jesus be your faith’s author

By Leonard Lauriault   Religion Columnist About a month ago, our grandson came in holding his back saying, “I fell out of a tree and I don’t feel good. I’m going to lie down. I never thought that would happen to me.” Emergency room staff found that he’d cracked a rib and nicked a small […]