Sheriff’s office investigating House incident

Dave Gragg

The Quay County Sheriff’s office is investigating an incident at the House Baptist Church in which House school superintendent Harold Sloan called 911 for assistance.
According to sheriff’s office dispatch logs, received this week after the Sun filed a request citing New Mexico’s open records laws, Sloan called 911 at 7:27 p.m. on April 16.
Sloan said he was in the Baptist Church and there was a “mob of people outside trying to get him,” according to the log.
The incident occurred after Sloan fired school agriculture science teacher Tony Johnson. Sloan said the crowd outside the church was angry about his decision to fire Johnson.
According to the dispatch log, it took 32 minutes for a sheriff’s deputy to respond to the 911 call. Sloan said it took more than an hour.
Sheriff’s office officials have declined to return telephone calls seeking information about the incident for more than a week.
The log states the crowd had thinned out by the time a deputy arrived and escorted Sloan home.
Sloan would not comment further on the incident, saying he did not want to interfere with the ongoing investigation.
Approximately 70 people attended an April 21 school board meeting in which Sloan rehired Johnson and announced his own resignation, effective July 1.