Cattle group to meet in Roy

by Bonnie Long

The Northeastern New Mexico Livestock Association, Mesa Soil and Water Conservation District and the Harding County Extension Service will host a livestock seminar, potluck meal and scholarship fund drive Sunday, May 25, 2003 from noon to 3:30 p.m. at the Harding County Community Building in Roy.
Horizons on the Triple Bottom Line — Economic, Environmental, and Social are the topics for the seminar. Speakers will include Dr. John Pollak from Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.; Kirk Gadzia, Resource Management Services, Albuquerque and the Harding County FFA.
Dr. John Pollak will address the theme of “Horizons in Economic Beef Production.” He is a professor of animal genetics at Cornell University and director of the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium. He will examine the applications of technology from discovery to practice in a cost effective way. DNA technology is one such application on the horizon for the beef industry.
Its use will be reviewed in discussion of genetic markers for production traits and an overview of the Bell Ranch pilot project for parentage identification in multiple sire pastures and progeny testing.
“Horizons in Environmental Management in a Drought” is the theme for Kirk Gadzia. He is with Resource Management Services, a New Mexico-based consulting, training and monitoring organization committed to assisting private and professional resource managers achieve sustainable results. Gadzia will review the keys to surviving a drought while balancing the needs for healthy rangelands, people and animals. He will discuss how ecosystems respond to drought conditions, and how to apply the Top Ten management principles to grazed rangelands during these harsh conditions.
A fresh new look at the future in agriculture will be brought to you by the Harding County FFA under the theme of “Horizons in American Agriculture” and the 2003 NENMLA scholarship winner will be announced.
The Northeastern New Mexico Livestock Association will hold its spring meeting after the seminar and use this opportunity as a scholarship fund raiser through its $20 membership, where half goes to increase the scholarship.
Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring a friend and their favorite dish. Drinks, paper goods and utensils will be furnished.