A new perspective on the canyons

Aggie Moncus

Although I read last week that some people don’t like to read my column, I told the slave that I might continue to write for my fan club because they like dogs and understand our language.
She wouldn’t listen at first until I explained that some people don’t like her column either and prefer to read mine. She left the house so I captured the computer in order to tell you a little about our visits to the country from a dog’s-eye view.
Each time we go to that place she calls “out home,” I see new rocks, trees, grass, wild flowers, and much cacti. I also find new animal scents and tracks I’d like to follow if only she would let me off the leash for a while.
I even saw some tracks that looked a little like slithers, and she jerked me off my feet by saying a snake had made those tracks. I’m not really sure what a snake is, but the slave always looks at the ground when we get out of the car and tells me to stay by her side because we might see a snake. She seems to be frightened even when she hears leaves rustling, but I can’t understand her problem.
On the last two visits to those canyons, she stopped in veritable pastures of cacti and told me to avoid stepping on them. I know which ones to avoid, but those tall ones seem to shoot ears at my coat every time I go near them.
The slave then has to figure ways to get them out of my coat without getting stickers in her hands. Sometimes, her remarks are a little off color, but she removes those critters and we wander on.
She tends to make unkind remarks while trying to take pictures, especially when I jerk her around a little because I want to go in another direction. She explains something about blurred pictures, but I don’t see any blurs and wouldn’t know one if I did. I am not apt to stand still just because she is doing so because there is so much to see and smell. She’d find that out if she didn’t stand upright!
She did scare me silly when she took me to what she called a wind farm. Mercy! I didn’t want to look up because I couldn’t see that high. Just wandering around the base was more than I could stand so I chose to stay in the car most of the time. Even though I don’t like that car very much, it is a safe place in which to be on occasion.
When I saw one of those big propellers turning, I hit the floor and stayed there until we drove away. I even dodge when we go under electric wires because those shadows are dangerous.
When the weather is too warm, the slave is a little nicer than usual because she gives me plenty of water to drink and then pours some on my coat so I will cool off in the breeze. Sometimes, I help her eat her lunch, but other times I just want to drink more water and relax while she stuffs her face.
I do enjoy those trips to the canyons but am always exhausted when we return. The drive back seems very long, but I have learned that I can lie down in the car seat and take a short nap. When I awaken, the slave will stop so we can do a little more walking before we finally get to my own backyard.
I think she is more considerate when we are in the country than when we are in town, but I miss my yard and the familiar noises around the house. Besides, I have my own hiding places and can have more fun with the freedom I have at home.
Don’t ask her about those canyons if you don’t want to listen to a lot of stories. I get tired of hearing all her remarks and am ready to stay home for another week.