McFarland’s column got facts wrong

Denese Runyan

In (Kelly McFarland’s) article he stated that he was distressed to read the account of the House School Board actions reported in the Quay County Sun on Wednesday, April 23. Well I was equally distressed to read his “Guest Column” in which there were several trumped up reports in this article.
First of all I would like to state that all members of the House School Board are very fine conscientious people that take their position seriously and work very hard for the betterment of the students at House School. They consistently make decisions that are right for the House School. They are strong personalities and stand behind their decisions. I try to support them when they make decisions.
I would like to report that I was a member of the House Community Choir and was present the night that the students and a few adults came to our choir practice with their concern. What I observed was some discussion by the adults. Then the pastor spoke and tried to ease the crowd. There was a round of prayer to try help ease the hurt that had caused this crowd of fine young people to be there. They then exited the building in a peaceful manner and stayed outside, where their Sunday School teacher talked and prayed with them some more. The rest of us went on with our practice. When I exited the building after practice some students and parents were still outside; they were quiet and civil. I spoke to them and left. I did not see any threats at all.
We really do not need your advice on how to run our community. We prefer to handle this situation in a Godly manner by seeking divine council. This was also reported in Quay County Sun that there was a group prayer at the school board meeting that night.
I would ask Quay County Sun to print the news in an accurate and unbiased manner.

Denese Runyan
House, NM