Scam targeting elderly


The Quay County Sheriff’s Office reports a phone scam targeting the elderly is working its way around Quay County.
Deputy Frank Conley said a Logan woman reported the call to him. While it is the only report he has received, he doubted it is the only time the scam will be tried.
The caller told the woman he was from the Ed McMahon/Dick Clark television show and that the woman had won a kit car.
The woman needed to send $59 to a California address to pay for the car license and wanted the woman’s credit card or checking account number.
When she said she couldn’t do that, the caller became rude and hung up on her, Conley said.
“It was definitely a scam,” Conley said.
Conley said anyone receiving a similar call should report it to either the Tucumcari Police Department at 461-2160 or the sheriff’s office at 461-2720.
The SO is investigating the incident in cooperation with California authorities.