A place to come home to

Freedom Newspapers

To the ancients, four elements — earth, water, air and fire — were the building blocks of all things.
While we now have a better understanding of the atomic and subatomic makeup of matter, these four elements remain the building blocks to the future of Quay County.
Earth is the foundation. Agriculture is the basis of our economy, and it will remain so in the future.
Tucumcari has long been a hub of land travel, from its beginning as a railroad town to Route 66 to its present location at the intersection of Interstate 40 and U.S. Highway 54.
Fire and air are more recent developments. We have long cursed at the northeastern New Mexican winds, but their full potential as a source of energy is only now being realized.
In the short term, the New Mexico Wind Energy Center in House is providing our area with much-needed jobs and money.
In the longer term, it will supply a smaller number of jobs and a fresh flow of cash into the county’s coffers.
At least as exciting is the natural gas project in the Tucumcari Basin. The gas wells, pipeline and refinery each mean construction jobs and money into our local economy.
Just as the natural gas provides fuel for fires that heat our homes, light our porch lights and play our stereos, the projects are the source of well-paying jobs that Quay County desperately needs.
The water in Ute and Conchas lakes, with their attraction to tourists, have also been a big component in our local economies.
As plans for a water pipeline project from Ute Lake progresses, so does the likelihood the eastern side of the state will survive and grow.
Tucumcari voters — those pitifully few who showed up at the polls, anyway — went a long way on Tuesday in ensuring that Quay County, not just Tucumcari, has a long-term supply of water.
Once it finally begins, the pipeline project will also provide a large number of construction jobs for the area, and a number of full-time employees after that.
As our young people graduate high schools and college, they look at the future in a new light, and head off to find their futures.
With projects in the works in Quay County, we’re ensuring they have a place to come home to.