State Police intercept 30 pounds of meth

Sun Staff

New Mexico State Police officers found more than 30 pounds of methamphetimes during a traffic stop Tuesday morning at the 334 eastbound milepost on I-40.
The 1998 Ford Explorer was stopped for a seatbelt violation. During the traffic stop, conversation with the driver revealed inconsistent stories and extreme nervous behavior.
Officers asked for and received written consent to search the vehicle. Officers found indications of a false compartment during the initial search. The vehicle was returned to the State Police office where a search warrant was obtained.
During the search of the vehicle a hidden, electronically sealed false compartment was discovered in the rear floorboard of the vehicle.
Officers pried open the trap door and discovered 15 bundles of suspected methamphetamine inside with an estimated value of $357,500.
The 40-year-old driver, Javier A. Villanueva of Norcross, Ga., was arrested.