Baxter Black

Only in America.
Two summers ago Mexican smugglers abandoned a group of illegal immigrants in the Arizona desert. Fourteen died and the survivors were rescued and cared for at our expense. Then they were deported. Now the families and friends and lawyers of the fourteen who died are sueing..guess who? The smugglers? The Mexican government? The United Nations? The World Bank? Enron? No of course not! The United States.
Could you imagine this happening anywhere else? Let’s say some Americans were injured while illegally smuggling guns into Mexico to help the oppressed Indians regain their land. They were found by the Mexican army, treated and returned to the U.S. Later, these American smugglers felt their rights had been violated and decided to sue the Mexican government for their injuries. Do you thing they could find a lawyer to take their case for a piece of the action? Are you kidding?
This sort of stupidity abounds.
There must be a course in law school on how to convince a jury that the perpetrator of the crime is really the victim. I assume this devious mentality is not peculiar to our century. As far back as Luke 11:46, Jesus was castigating lawyers. In the halls of justice Solomon is dead. The lady with the scale in each hand is not blindfolded, common sense is.
For every law made there is a loophole. Those loopholes never help the victim, ie.;
“The warning on the package said, ‘If you abuse this product you will develop large spots on your body and go deaf in one ear.’”
“Your honor, my client abused this product. Developed large spots on his body and went deaf in one ear. We’re suing the manufacturers.”
“On what grounds, counselor?”
“It was too logical, too obvious, the manufacturer has lots of money, my client is stupid, and I just bought a new home in Aspen.”
Is there any hope for common sense in America? Yes. There are pockets of it. However it rarely occurs anymore in organized groups. Usually the bigger the group. be it schools, churches, civic clubs, association, corporations or government, the rarer the occurrence.
But you can often find common sense in the mind of a busy mother, a hectic classroom, a small business owner or a man on horseback trying to keep his ranch afloat in a blizzard of loopholes.
All I can say is, thank goodness he has a lawyer.