College makes summer school fun

By Angela Peacock

Making learning fun is the whole objective behind Mesalands Community College’s Summer Adventure Camp.
John Yearout, Mesalands Director of Public Relations, hopes that by placing children in a positive, creative learning environment at a young age they will develop a desire to further their education when they become adults.
Yearout said 60 children enrolled for this year’s Summer Adventure Camp, which offered drumming, yoga, jewelry making, birdhouse and bat house making, computers and various other classes centered around education for children.
“The camp is very activity oriented it combines activities that allow children to learn something new and have fun too,” Yearout said.
During computer class on Wednesday Jennifer Morey, 11, created a greeting card with the Printshop program she just learned how to use.
She said since her mother works and real-estate and her dad own’s his own business she’s seen first-hand how vital it is to know how to operate a computer.
“Computers are very important because no matter where you go or what you do you have to write reports, type stuff but you always have to use the computer,” said Morey. “It’s awesome because you can have your own adventures, make mistakes and learn from them.”
Although most children can’t wait for summer break to arrive each May, Djean Jawrunner, Mesalands art teacher, believes everyone eventually begins to miss the mind stimulation that comes from the classroom environment.
Jawrunner said she’s studied where children who take art courses actually test higher on standardized testing compared to students who aren’t exposed to the arts.
“Art gives children the chance to explore ideas, teaches them how to make decisions, learn with a hands on approach and it’s fun,” Jawrunner said.