Thanks for a great visit

My mom and I visited Tucumcari recently and we had a great time. I have never visited such a friendly town. Our family homesteaded in Quay County back in 1906 and mom wanted to see the place again.
We had planned to stay two days but extended it to seven. Everyone we talked to was friendly and helpful and every business went above and beyond for us. We loved staying at the Blue Swallow (a real gem!), especially since it was so close to Del’s, which featured the best ribeye I’ve ever eaten.
Teepee Curios helped us in our search for my great-uncle’s motel as did the owner of Readmore Books. Shipley Systems was kind enough to rent me a few days internet access and at a very fair rate, no tourist surcharge from these nice folks.
The clerks at the courthouse helped us locate the old family house, which we found to be still standing and in great shape. The folks at the museum were most kind and free with their time and resources. It is rare to see such a well run museum in a small town.!
The guys at K-Mart were great and so was, as my mother put it, “that nice young man with the long hair at the Circle-K.” Then there was the man at the cemetary who got off his tractor, found my great-grandfather’s grave on the computer, lead us to the site, and refused to be tipped for his effort.
It may seem odd to some that we spent our New Mexico vacation in Tucumcari and a few other small towns instead of the usual big places, but we were looking for our own history and culture, not something manufactured by the tourist industry.
I think there may be more of this sort of thing in the future due to the rise of internet geneology. It is now a lot easier to find out where we came from, and if there is anything to see there. Indeed corporate America has been shocked the past few years to find that Americans have many interests that were previously unknown to them, including geneology and history.
Who’d have guessed that something called “The History Channel” would ever be popular? Anyway, we just wanted to say thanx to all the people in Quay County who made our trip a very pleasant one.
Michael and Jane Lijewski.
Fallston, Maryland