Where’s the pledge?

It has been confirmed that the class of 1973 does not intend to say the pledge of allegiance to our flat at this year’s class reunions banquet. It was wrong not to honor our flag!
The red white and blue of our flag stands for our country. Wherever it flies all know it stands for America. Agreed, not all countries believe it stands for freedom, but that has nothing to do with the contents of this letter. I am not speaking to other countries; I am speaking to the people of the class of 1973.
Where were you raised? In was land did you run, jump and play as children, residing in safety? It is not as safe today, I agree, but is anywhere else on earth as safe as it was 30 years ago? In what land did you attend the church of your choice? Where do you eat your over abundant meals? Have you ever starved in America/
Maybe we don’t agree with the way our country’s officials do things, but you have the right to try and change things by getting involved. Start with you neighborhood, if you cannot or will not get involved with politics. Do not pull our country down from within by not standing by our flag and our country.
I am remind of what President Kennedy said, “do not ask what you country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.” Do what you can where you are.
Our country can fall, as did Rome, but if it does it will come from within. I feel disregard our flag this year it won’t be many years before a few of the people will be telling us what we can do and what we cannot do. Remember Madeleine O’Hare!
I am not willing to let the Pledge of Allegiance go by the wayside while our men and women are dying for our country. Our country sent them there. They many not want to die, but they have put themselves in harm’s way for our country. There is no draft at this time.
I have a grandson in the army. I know he honors our flag. I am very proud of him. I am not proud of anyone who thumbs his or her nose at our flag. That is what I feel you are doing class of 1973.
Diane Meeks