But there’s nothing to do in Tucumcari

Dave Gragg

I’m sitting in front of a blank computer screen, trying to figure out what to write for this week’s column.
I mean, Tucumcari is such a dull little burg. There’s nothing to write about.
There’s the whole Route 66 thing last weekend, but I had to be out of town for that.
From what I understand, there were Tucumcari residents who drove by the Convention Center last weekend and wanted to know why there were all those people there.
I guess they missed the constant conversations about the Roadie Gathering on the radio, the articles in this paper about it and the posters plastered all over town.
Why should they listen to the radio or read the paper anyway? There’s nothing going on in Tucumcari.
I drove down Tucumcari Boulevard (or Historic Route 66 Boulevard, if you prefer) and noticed there were several streets blocked off on Friday.
It was probably just road work. It couldn’t be that those streets were blocked off for a reason. An international solar car race? Down old Route 66 with a stop off at Mesalands Community College? Nah, couldn’t be anything that exciting going on here. This is Tucumcari.
Haroun Mohammad of Riverside, Calif., thought it was pretty cool, though. He was riding with his family from New York back to “Cali” when they spotted the strange-looking craft on the highway. When they stopped in Tucumcari for gas, they saw one in the newspaper and went to the college to get a closer look and some pictures.
What does a 15-year-old know, though? He’s from out of town and must not have realized he was stopping in the arm pit of New Mexico.
There were other roads blocked off around Kvols Park, too. More road work. Had to be.
A national three-on-three basketball tournament this weekend? With people busting their humps to get everything ready for it?
Nah, this is Tucumcari. Nobody’s willing to put in enough effort to get something like that together. A year’s worth of work to line up sponsors, scorekeeper, refs, vendors and equipment? Come on. Get real.
Why would anyone drive hundreds of miles just to play basketball in the hot sun, anyway?
Don’t even get me started on that bunch of nuts at the Convention Center this weekend. They really expect us to believe that people are going to drive for hours just to show off their collections of stuff? Most of them aren’t even selling anything.
Well, this is probably enough for a column for this week, anyway. I’ll probably have the same tough time finding a topic next week, though.
If only there were something going on next weekend, like a rodeo and horse show, where 4-H’ers from all over the state converged here to compete.
Or maybe a scale-model train show, with exhibitors from all over this part of the country gathered to show off beautiful miniature landscapes and recreate the romanticism associated with the iron horse.
But that’ll never happen. Nothing ever happens here. After all, this is only Tucumcari.