Rotary car show results

Best of show 1958 Corvette — Dr. Avery Rush of Amarillo
People’s choice 1968 Chevy pickup — Rob McClelland of Tucumcari
Long distance 1955 Chevy Wagon — Adam Twigg of Rhode Island
Best paint 1955 Chevy 210 — Jim Caviness of Amarillo
Best engine 1969 Camero — Greg Hodge of Amarillo

First 1930 Model A Ford — Olus Rush of Tucumcari
Second 1930 Model A Roadster — Stan Jennings of Tucumcari
Third 1940 Chevy — Walt Woodley, Spearman, Texas

Early Classics
First 1958 Impala — Ray Hernandez of Clovis
Second 1962 Chevy — Danve Sanchez of Clovis
Third 1955 Mercury — Monty Phillips of Cola Springs, Colo.
Fourth 1959 Studebaker — Keith Borth of Boise City, Okla.

Late Classics
First 1967 Ford — Dannie Bowman of Plainview, Texas
Second 1984 SS Monte Carlo — David and Jason Duba of Tucumcari
Third Ford Fairlane HT — Rey Dominguez of Clovis

First Harley Davidson Fat Boy — Chris Sandoval of Clovis
Second 1601 CC Yamaha — Rich Acher of Tucumcari

Pro Street
First 502 CID 1951 Chevy — Red Nievews of Clovis

Street Rod
First 1934 Ford Coupe — Phil Powers of Tucumcari
Second 1924 Ford “T” bucket — Rob Roark of Tucumcari
Third 1947 Chevy four-door — Tony Berkenfelt of Amarillo
Fourth 1940 Plymouth coupe — James Mullenix of Tucumcari

Early Sport Cars
First Black 1979 Corvette — Dave Shine of Tucumcari
Second Custom 1980 Corvette — Mandy McClug of Amarillo
Third 1964 Corvette coupe — Vlasi Poggas of Castle Rock, Colo.

Late Sport Cars
First 2002 Chevy Corvette — Casey Jimenez of Tucumcari
Second 2002 Honda Civic — Andy Lau of Tucumcari
Third 2001 Corvette Convertible — Don and Vicki Bloom, Westminster, Colo.
Fourth 2002 Fort T-Bird — Shirley and Lawrance Frey of Yuma, Colo.

Early Muscle Cars
First 1967 Camero — Clifton Klaverwieden of Tucumcari
Second 1967 Olds 442 — Richard Hays of Fort Sumner
Third 1967 Corvette — Clay Schuster of Oklahoma City

Late Muscle Cars
First SS Z28 Camero — Anna Lee Schuster of Tucumcari
Second Pontiac Firebird — Linda Forsyght of Albuquerque
Third SS Camero — Greg Hodge of Amarillo

Sport Trucks
First 1968 Chevy pickup — John Quintana of Tucumcari
Second 1964 Chevy pickup — Greg and Shirley Collins of Amarillo
Third 1964 Chevy pickup — Eric Shine of Tucumcari

4X4 Trucks
First 1950 “Wild Willey’s Wagon” — Denna and Charley Crossley of Tucumcari
Second 1972 Chevy pickup — Denna Strickland of Tucumcari
Third 1955 Ford pickup — Lief Gray of Tucumcari

Low Rider
First 1973 Buick — Simon Maestas of Tucumcari