Organizers thank volunteers for Gus Macker

Dear Editor,

Please let me take this opportunity to publicly offer a special “Thank You” to all of those individuals who helped me make the 2003 Gus Macker Tournament a success for Tucumcari. THANK YOU … Max Jimenez, Chris Gries, Larry Moore, Michael Esquibel, Edward Barrios, Fred Martinez, Gilbert Romero, Ernie Chavez, Ted Lovato, Fritz Barreras and Jimmy Gutierrez from the City of Tucumcari Parks and Street Departments for turning Kvols Park into a massive outdoor Gus Macker basketball facility.
Without your manpower to set up goals, bleachers and benches, (as well as removing them) we could not have began to have the tournament. THANK YOU … Scott Simpson, City of Tucumcari Recreation Director, for your countless hours and efforts towards the tournament and for helping set-up and clean-up afterwards. THANK YOU … Ronnie Davis and David Alarcon from our local National Guard Unit, along with the rest of your unit for setting up tents and providing manpower throughout the tournament! THANK YOU … Mike and Yvette Fazekas for putting up the tent that Pete Sisneros generously loaned us to provide extra shade for the Gus Macker staff, for helping with set-up and take-down of all the courts, and for Busting (refereeing) two courts and keeping score to the very end of the day on Sunday.
THANK YOU … Mesalands Community College for arranging the semi to go to Roswell and pick-up the Macker truck. THANK YOU … Larry Rigdon and the City of Tucumcari Ambulance crew for being at the courts to help with all the injuries and provide moral support to the players and volunteers. THANK YOU Virginia Wright and Judy Hiner for allowing us to MOVE IN to the Chamber of Commerce building for three days and for directing calls and offering support.
THANK YOU … Wells Fargo Bank staff for helping me organize the 300 player bags and special thanks to Patsy and Tyra Gresham, Judy Rusk, Sandy Mapes, Veronica Marez, Tatum Garcia, D’Shannon Mendez and Raquel Oglesby for volunteering at the tournament by helping at concessions and at registration. THANK YOU … Marshall and La Juanna Hart and the staff from Gray Mesa T-Shirts from organizing and running the concessions and for printing all the posters and brochures prior to the tournament.
THANK YOU … Jeannette Maddaford and Veronica Mollica for taking up the slack at the Quay County Clerks Office while I was out of the office. THANK YOU … Benito Sanchez for allowing us to use the services of BS Express to provide sound and music throughout the tournament. THANK YOU … Doug Ewing for allowing the Gus Macker staff to stay at the Holiday Inn with complimentary Rooms.
THANK YOU … Noreen Hendrickson and the staff from the DWI Taskforce for organizing and running the Macker dance and for running the 3-point contest and providing the prize. THANK YOU … Tony Fuentes and Ernie Dominguez from Quay County Government for pick-up and delivery of tables and chairs to the park. THANK YOU … Knights of Columbus and Alan Angel for organizing the free throw contest and providing the prize.
THANK YOU … Teambuilders for all your help in keeping the area clean and getting our volunteers plenty of drinks and for helping set-up and tear down courts. THANK YOU to my family, Leslie, Billie Jo and Helen Jo for helping take care of Grandma so Ben and I could be at the courts all weekend and for helping with registration.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to the following people for giving up your ENTIRE weekend to keep score, bust a court, and fill in anywhere you were asked: Donnie and Tina Garcia, Richie and Toni Martinez, Jeff and Gina Cordova, John Span, Jason Sewell, Brian and Stephanie Harman, Josh, Christy and Anthony Benavidez, Rudy Garcia and his daughter, Miranda Wilson, Bonnie Luera, Kaylene and Tommy Jones, Sara Hittson, Christine Benavidez, Dave Gragg, Brenda Spinks, Gail Rossiter, Eddie Encinias, Wade Frost, Maria Apodaca, Debbie and Jimmy Lafferty, Janet Griffiths, Claude and Rosie Quintana, and Judy Rusk.
THANK YOU to those who chose the Gus Macker Tournament to volunteer your hours of community service.
Please let me urge the businesses and residents of Tucumcari to thank the people of Quay County who volunteered to help with this Gus Macker tournament. This tournament brought 52 out of town teams for two nights and three days to our wonderful city to spend lots of money in YOUR stores, restaurants, motels and gas stations. We hosted about 500 extra guests this weekend because of this tournament not to mention the locals that were out and about because they were involved.
Ellen and Ben White