Helen Dunn served community for more than 50 years

By Angela Peacock

An out going, humorous woman who knew the meaning of true friendship is how Lynn Moncus will always remember her close friend Helen Dunn.

For more than 50 years Dunn served the citizens of Tucumcari. She started out as a fourth grade school teacher and then worked an estimated 40 years at Dunn’s Funeral Home. Regardless of the situation Dunn always managed to keep her sense of humor. Moncus said besides her wonderful outlook on life she will always admire her friends humbleness.

“She was always helping others quietly through monetary ways, or with love. When someone needed help she saw they got it and nobody knew about it,” Moncus said. “Helen wasn’t one of these who did something to say ‘hey look what I did’ she was a very humble person.”

Intelligence is another reason why Moncus will forever cherish the times she spent with Dunn, the lady she claims to have known better than anyone else. Dunn enjoyed sharing with people how to enjoy life. Dunn set many examples for people to follow, and Moncus said if they were wise enough to pay attention they would probably learn something just as one of Dunn’s other admirers recently did.

“I was talking to a young lady during Helen’s last illness and she told me Mrs. Dunn was the first person who made her feel that she was somebody. Mrs. Dunn gave her quite a lesson in being somebody and I’m watching that same girl closely and I can see her stand quite tall just because of Mrs. Dunn,” Moncus said. “Helen was the appitemey of a friend, and if you’ve ever had a friend you know what I mean.”

Though Dunn didn’t have a specific hobby she did have two other passions besides her love for people— Dallas Cowboy football and her dogs.

“Her dogs were very special friends of hers. She spoiled them rotten; nothing was too good for her dogs,” Moncus said.

Helen’s son Charles Dunn will also never forget his mother’s kind, loving personality. Since Charles could ever remember his mother instilled the virtue of honesty in him and his brother. What Charles will miss most about his mother is sharing with her what goes on in his ever day life. He said Dunn believed in living life well and enjoying it to the fullest without ever forgetting to be kind to others.

“Be kind and don’t rock the boat is how mother believed you should live,” Dunn said.