Gift to museum truly appreciated

Lynn Moncus, Comments from the Canyon

Last week, Elizabeth Ingram Morgan, representing the H.W. Ingram family, presented the keys to Crescent Creamery to Tucumcari Historical Research Institute President Duane Moore. The family most generously decided to help the historical group and such help is deeply appreciated.

The board members met at the creamery later, and several of us did a lot of reminiscing as we wandered around.

We recalled the days in which we so enjoyed the wonderful malts and milkshakes whether we were inside or whether we were in our cars having curb service. Our family, for instance, would stop on Sunday afternoon about once a month for those special treats. We would see many friends and neighbors as we stirred tse thick malts and savored each sip.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Ingram and Lawrence came to Tucumcari from Roswell i 1937 after having purchased the Berry Brothers Creamery. Mrs. Ingram mentioned in the family story in the Quay County History that she was a bit leery about moving to a new place during the depression and accompanying dust storms, but she and her family adjusted almost immediately and certainly did much to help the county progress. Their six children all went to school here.

Lawerence was instrumental in organizing the first Tucumcari Historical Research Institute and served as the first president. Many of us remember that first organization and the interest in our history.

I was privileged to have Beth in several classes by being very lively and by being unafraid to laugh heartily. She certainly wasn’t above pulling a few pranks in order to keep classes fro becoming too boring.

I remember one snowy day when we both got into trouble with Mr. Stephenson because she made a miniature snowman from the collection in the window sill, and I had her deliver it to him. He thought we should be doing serious work despite the weather, but we were sort of having fun while waiting for school to be dismissed.

We both agreed that we learned a lot during those years and had much fun while learning.

You will be hearing more about our project as time passes. We are already in the planning stage and will be asking for a little help as we prepare to bring the plans to fruition. We found many times that will go well at the museum and will show even more of our history.

We certainly want to thank the family for their most generous gift and to let them know we will have a corner in our new building dedicated to them and filled with memorabilia from Crescent Creamery.