Nice nails, less travel

By Angela Peacock

Weeks before Tucumcari’s newest business opened its doors to the public, potential customers were ready to spend their cash.

A Nail Plus located at 805 south Second Street in Tucumcari has been open for business since Aug. 11. Before then, nail technician Alex Baca estimated at least 50 messages were left on A Nail Plus’ answering machine wanting to know when they would having their grand opening.

“I’m so excited there is finally a nail place in Tucumcari,” said customer Isabel Conn. I got so tired of having to drive to Clovis or Albuquerque, and since I live in Conchas that adds an extra 30 minutes to my drive. I’ve talked to many people who are very excited about this place being here. I think they are going to do very well.”

Store Owner, Tammy Fang, has nothing but great expectations for her new business. The 2003 Mesalands graduate said she hopes local residents will appreciate that they no longer have to travel out of town in order to have their nails done. However, she wants people to know just because she’s not currently facing competition with other local nail businesses doesn’t mean customers won’t receive quality service.

“We have to do a good job in order to keep the customers satisfied and wanting to come back,” Fang said. “We charge $25 for a full set of new nails just like they do in Clovis, but when you go out of town you’re not paying $25 it’s more like $50 after you pay for food, gas and all the other expenses of traveling out of town.”

Not only does A Nail Plus offer manicure and pedicure services they have a new state-of-the art upright tanning bed with a maximum setting time of 12 minutes, which Fang said makes it time efficient for customers who don’t have 20 or 30 minutes a day to spend tanning.

“I hope to see us busy, busy busy in the upcoming weeks,” Baca said. “I’m sure we will be because I don’t see a any reason why this business won’t be successful.”