Get information while cruising local Blvd.

By Angela Peacock

For those who haven’t already noticed there is a new addition to Kvols Park on Tucumcari Blvd.

Tucumcari School District in conjunction with the city has purchased a new electronic Tucumcari Rattlers information board in order to keep the community better informed about upcoming school activities. All events ranging from football games to open houses will be posted on the new board, which is located on the corner of Sixth Street and Tucumcari Blvd.

It took nearly three years to finally receive the new information board, but Tucumcari High School Principal Gary Salazar said it was worth the wait.

“Even though we advertise on the radio and with the newspaper sometimes we still miss things because the information isn’t always made available to the public right away, but the information board will allow us to post information instantly,” Salazar said.

The new information board, which will be powered by the city, cost the school district more than $20,000. Teresa Barreras, business manager for Tucumcari Schools explained how the school received a good deal since some of the other electronic signs the school considered were in the $30,000 range. She said not only is she pleased the school decided to purchase the new information board she believes it being located on the boulevard will help the sign serve its purpose well.

“It’s going to keep the parents informed as to what’s going on with their children,” Barreras said. “The boulevard is the perfect location because that’s where parents travel bringing their children to school, so they’re going to see the sign.”

Tucumcari resident Tonya Rigdon understands the lengthy process the Tucumcari Schools administration had to go through in order to purchase the new sign. She said though the new information board was costly she feels it was worth the money.

“I hope the kids realize what an asset the new sign is to the community. It shows pride in the kids and pride in the community for us to support the school,” Rigdon said. “I can think of a lot of unnecessary things money has been spent on, but the new sign is a good thing.”

Grandmother Delfinia Preciado believes that the new information board is a wonderful addition to the city of Tucumcari. She said though the new sign cost more than $20,000 it was worth it for her grandchildren who currently attend Tucumcari schools.

“It gives the kids a sense of school pride,” Preciado said.

With three children in the Tucumcari school system Leonard Garcia said appreciates the easy access to upcoming school events the new sign will provide. However, he wasn’t too pleased with the price of new information board.

“It was a good idea, but for that much money I don’t really feel it was necessary,” Preciado said. “For a small sign like that they could have put that money back into the school for other educational purposes.”