Just Passin’ Through: Two men head to Ariz., Disaster follows woman

By Angela Peacock

When Keith Entis and Mark Kornicki speak the people of west Texas and eastern New Mexico can’t help but notice their New York acents.

On their way to Arizona where they plan to find jobs and save up enough money to eventually open a resturant/bar the two northern city boys said their trip across America has been one they won’t soon forget.

“Seeing the blue, purple and pink clouds on the vast open plains is like poetry unfolding; it’s quite a humbling experience,” Entis said.

Though they were riding in separate vehicles Entis and Kornicki kept in close contact their entire trip by using two-way walki talkies, which Kornicki said kept the two quite entertained.

Aside from the $250 speeding ticket Entis received in Texas for going over a 100 m.p.h. and the truck driver who took off Kornicki’s rear view mirror in Illinois the men said their trip has been a success.

“In New York you’re a fairy ride away from anywhere you want to go, but after a while you just get used to all the site like the Statue of Liberty because that’s your home,” Entis said. “But out here it’s mind boggling to see all the beauty of mountains, caves and land that America has to offer. This trip is something I’ll never forget as long as I live.”

—–Disaster Follows New Jersey Woman

Also on a trip across America Ann Vanzutphen and her two children Eric, 15, and Jenna Sage, 12, from New Jersey seemed to find it interesting that throughout their trip a day or so after they past through a state the next they’d hear on the news how some disaster had struck a major U.S. city.

Ann said the day after her family left Cleveland, Ohio they heard about the blackout, a few days later they were disturbed to find out that Las Vegas, Nevada had flooded just hours after they drove through it. And when they finally arrived at their destination in California they found at that an earthquake had hit a nearby city.

All with big smiles on their face the Vanzutphen’s said they were fortunate to not be directly involved in any of the recent catastrophes, and would be even happier once they arrived back home safely.

“It’s been a fun trip but we’re pushing for home,” said Ann, as she checked into the Best Western Discovery Inn just after driving through a lighting storm on Interstate 40.