Local conservationist’s hard work pays off

By Angela Peacock

Working closely with the community and area school children about the importance of conservation has won Relissa Nials this year’s Region V Outstanding Conservationist award.

Nials works for the Natural Resource Conservation Service in Tucumcari and has spent countless hours working with area youth educating them about the importance of conservation as well as writing grants requesting funds to operate conservation techniques throughout the region five district.

“Relissa is an outstanding young lady in many aspects and a real pleasure to work with,” said District Conservationist Richard Bull. “She’s sent the message to youth that we care about their education, that we want them to have a good well rounded quality education and that conservation is important.”

Bull believes what Nials has done with local youth at area schools including the Outdoor Classroom in Tucumcari plays a vital role in children learning at a young age the significance of conservation.

“Relissa has a way of presenting things to young people and she relates very well to them,” Bull said.

Evelyn Massey, district clerk for the Canadian Soil and River Conservation District said she couldn’t think of anyone who deserved the outstanding conservationist award more than Nials, who will now go onto compete for the most outstanding conservationist at the state level.

“Even though we won’t know how she did until about November we were just thrilled to death to that she won on the regional level,” Massey said. “We’re also glad that we got to nominate her for the state-wide outstanding conservationist award.”