Local school wants parents involved

By Angela Peacock

Remember one, two and Sept. 23 were the three specific instructions Gov. Bill Richardson gave Tucumcari elementary students for reminding their parents to vote in the upcoming special election.

Though the children may not have understood everything Richardson was discussing during Tuesday afternoon’s visit Tucumcari Elementary Principal Teresa Salazar said the governor’s appearance is sure to be an experience children will be sharing with their parents.

“TES students were thrilled with Gov. Richardson’s visit, although they didn’t understand the entire message they felt the visitor’s importance and will go home and tell their parents to vote yes on (educational) amendments one and two,” Salazar said.

At this point first-grade teacher Jana Frost hasn’t heard much response from parents about the election, but she said the kids are proud that the governor was at their school.

“For the kids the excitement of having the governor at school ranks up there with having the president or Santa Clause visit,” Frost said. “After parents visit tonight’s open house and hear all about how (Richardson) visited the school hopefully word of mouth about the election will be an effective way to better inform parents about the election.”

After hearing commercials on T.V. about the September special election Melanie Murphy, parent, said she attended Tuesday’s meeting because she was curious to hear what the governor had to say.

“I haven’t voted in the past, but this is for my child so this time think I will vote,” Murphy said.

Murphy doesn’t know how many other local parents are aware of the upcoming election, but said she’s going to do her best to try inform as many parents as possible before Sept. 23.

“I hope other parents are going to begin to realize just how important these two amendments really are,” Murphy said.

Aside from relying on the children and word of mouth to spread to the word Salazar said Tucumcari schools will be sending home a newsletter and other literature to answer questions parents may have regarding both amendments.

“It’s very difficult to get parents involved, it’s something we struggle with everyday,” Salazar said. “I don’t know that parent’s do know how important this election is, but I feel the reason Richardson is traveling across the state is to educate people about the amendments and to stop any misinformation that is being spread around. It’s important that New Mexicans know the two new amendments don’t mean an increase in taxes.”