Area residents express beliefs about Iraq war

By Angela Peacock

While eight Democratic candidates bashed President Bush and his actions regaurding the war in Iraq during a televised Democratic debate at the University of New Mexico Thursday night, Quay County residents share mixed reactions about the war.

Some believe America should continue stationing troops overseas while others feel there’s no point since fighting in the Middle East has been going on since the beginning of time.

Tucumcari resident Angelo Gonzales said he doesn’t have a particular outlook on the war, but does understand why American troops are still stationed overseas.

“We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do, but there’s always going to be a battle between good and evil,” Gonzales said. “Biblically speaking we’re all God’s people and we’re all fighting the devil and have been since Satan was cast out of heaven.”

Americans regardless of their race, economic background or beliefs should support the president and his decisions regarding the war, is the opinion of Logan resident Shirley Tivis. She said the war is important because America must go face to face with its enemies (the terrorists) in order to keep its people safe.

“It’s our responsibility as citizens to stand up for our country,” Tivis said. “People who are against the war aren’t true Americans. They are selfish and greedy because anyone who is against the war couldn’t really love the United States.”

Mesalands Community College student Armando Acosta, 22, admits he hasn’t been keeping up with what is going on overseas. He said though the thoughts are always in the back of his mind he believes war in the Middle East is a crisis mankind will continue battling forever.

“There is always going to be fighting in the Middle East; they’ve been fighting for centuries, to them it’s a way of life,” said Acosta, who does wish a solution to the war on terrorism could be established. “America needs to try something different until they get it right, but who’s to say what’s right I sure don’t have the answers.”

Narva Visa resident Carol Arnett is in support of the president and his decisions to keep American troops in the Middle East. She said though the war is important at this point her political focus is elsewhere.

“The war is something that should have been done a long time ago, but what I’m a little more concerned with right now is the pice of gas and how our president and state officals aren’t doing anything about it,” Arnett said. “I don’t think the price of gas has anything to do with the war, but I do realize the war is necessary because we can’t afford to have terrorists come over to America and try to kill our people again.”

In complete support of the President Bush, Quay County resident Mike Latham said he doesn’t believe too many Americans realize the extremely difficult position the president is currently in, or how much of a threat terrorists are to America.

“Basically a lot of the public doesn’t understand the level of danger we’re in, and a large part of the population doesn’t understand how bad these people hate us or to what level of terror they will go to do damage to the U.S.,” Latham said. “The president is doing a good job. He’s trying his best handle this situation with dignity and honesty.”

Whatever has to be done in order to get rid of Saddam Hussein must be done, and 38-year-old Tucumcari postal worker Fran Tollett, who believes American’s should support President Bush in his efforts to eliminate Hussein and his followers.

“President Bush is a Godly president not like some of the others we’ve had in office,” Tollett said. “I believe he hears from God and for that reason I believe he will lead our country in the right direction.”