Mesalands to improve rodeo arena

QCS Reports

The campaign involves 10 improvement projects that will expand and improve the current rodeo facility (horse stall and storage,) as well as provide equipment to enhance the overall rodeo arena.

After conferring with Mesalands Community College’s rodeo coach and team members, and community members, the foundation has set a fund raising goal of $100,000. Donate funds are already being used to improve the existing facilities with more stalls, tack room and storage.

Mesalands spent $55,000 on the first phase of the project, of which $5,500 were from donations.

The College rodeo team uses the facility nine months of the year, Quay County uses it the remaining three. During the 2003 fall semester nearly 50 students enroll in the Mesaland’s Rodeo Program. These students come to us from Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma and from eleven different counties within New Mexico.

Anyone interested in making a donation to the rodeo facility may contact Denise Border at 461-1127 or Mesalands at 461-4413 ext. 108.