Voting ‘yes’ will provide needed funding

Letter to the Editor

What does Republican Senator Domenici have in common with Democrat Senator Jeff Bingaman, Governor Bill Richardson, business leaders, former Governor Garry Carruthers, and public school employees and parents?

They all agree that we New Mexicans should invest our Permanent School Fund money where it is needed; where it was intended….in our schools.

New Mexico’s schools need to change. Positive change can happen in our schools. But to ensure that it does, we must enact two amendments to the state constitution that will appear on the ballot in a special Sept. 23 statewide election.
Question 1 will create a state Secretary of Education to serve as the Governor’s top education advisor as a member of his cabinet. The new secretary also will partner with local leaders to implement newly-enacted educational reforms and to ensure that school funds move from administration to where they are needed…our classrooms.

Question 2 will expand the annual distribution from the $6.9 billion Permanent School Fund. It will provide the needed funding to change our schools for the better. If it passes, we’ll invest, on average, another $62 million per year in our schools over the next 12 years… and without raising taxes one penny.

It’s an important beginning for great things to come. Let’s all do the right for children on Sept. 23 and vote YES on Question 1 and Question 2.

Dianna Manly,
President of Tucumcari Education Association