Cowboys lose season opener

QCS Reports

Despite 417-yards passing by the House offense, the Cowboys lost their season opener Friday against Reserve 44-26.

With two ineligible players and one injury, the Cowboys were forced to play the second half with only six players.

“I liked what I saw, because of our numbers it was our first true six on six action,” head coach Justin Foust said. “Our kids played hard all game and didn’t commit any turnovers.”

House was penalized for more than 120-yards and failed to score five times on possessions inside the 20-yard line. The Cowboys ran more than 90 offensive plays in a game that took nearly three hours.

“Offensively, we did everything we wanted,” Foust said.
The Cowboys were led by senior Seth Webb with 63-yards receiving, 37 rushing yards and 257 passing yards for three touchdowns.

“He was all over the field and kept us in the game the whole time,” Foust said.

Junior Nathan Foust had 218-yards and two touchdowns while senior Aaron Elliot added 67-yards receiving, one touchdowns. Foust said he was proud of his team’s effort but his players were fatigued toward the game’s end.

“Defensively, they were a really big team,” Foust said. “They had size all across the board on us, our guys just got wore down toward the end of the game.”

Saturday House will host Vaughn/Carona who defeated Hondo last week 50-46.

“What we do know about them is they can put some points on the board,” Foust said.