Arizona man remembers city before I-40

By Angela Peacock

The last time Scott Lane visited Tucumcari he traveled Historic Route 66 because Interstate 40 wasn’t complete.

Not only was Lane in complete amazement that Tucumcari was still in exsistance he was blown away at hotel prices. Paying $74 dollars a night wasn’t anything Lane had seen since he left the east coast. Smiling, Lane gave his belief about why prices are so expensive. He said since

Tucumcari is in the complete middle of nowhere people who’ve never been in the vast open countryside of New Mexico will pay those prices because they have no idea how many more miles they’ll have to drive before they return to civilization.

On his way back home to Pheonix, Ariz. Lane said he drives at least twice a year to up state New York to visit family and friends.

“Flying is very borning that’s why I always drive because you have more flexabliity and you see more things,” Lane said.

The only time Lane wishes he would have flown instead of driving across the U.S. is when he got stranded in the middle of nowhere in Texas with a flat tire. After Lane put on his spare tire and made a second attempt at making it to a nearby town his spare went flat leaving him with no other choice but to walk until he found someone who could help him repair his tire. A family passing by eventually gave Lane a ride to a nearby town where he was forced to purchase a used tire for $60. Once Lane had a usable tire for his car he was forced to hitchhike four miles back to his vehicle.

Originally from New York, Lane moved to Pheonix 22-years ago to attend college at Arizona State University. After graduation Lane began his career as an electrical engineer. He said being able to develop new American products using the latest advanced technology makes his job enjoyable. However, when it’s time for him to relax Lane makes a trip to the golf course to play a few holes or he goes hiking.

Of all the places Lane has visited during his years of traveling across America he prefers the mountains and climate of Virginia. Though Arizona and New Mexico are neighboring states Lane appreciates traveling his last few miles before arriving home in New Mexico because of how drastically the state changes in only a few miles. He said he enjoys looking out over the wide open country that completley changes into mountain country once you get into Northern New Mexico.

Lane doesn’t have any children but is married. His wife works for the city of Pheonix and wasn’t able to make the trip with him. Traveling to New York from Pheonix takes Lane about 52 hours one way, but Lane said he doesn’t mind, in fact, he’s proud to living in a country where he’s free to come and go as he pleases.

“You can choose who and what you want to be in America that’s what I value most about being American,” Lane said.