Longhorns’ lack experience, not confidence

By Ryan Lengerich

The Logan football team is young, but don’t tell head coach Billy Burns his squad is rebuilding.

“What I think it is for the younger guys is an experience year, for the older guys this is all they got — this is it,” Burns said.
The Longhorns (2-2) take on Melrose at 7 p.m. Friday at Logan High School.

Logan has wins against Magdalena and The New Mexico School for the Deaf and losses to Follet and Tatum, which Burns considers the best team in the state.

The Longhorns are led by the team’s two seniors Kirk Burns and Brett Sanders. Burns has been playing for Burns since he initiated the program six-years ago.

Youth dominates the Longhorn team with four starting sophomores. Still, Sanders said this year’s team is a good as past district championship teams.

“We’re awful young but we’re getting experience real quick,” Sanders said. “I think we’re are every bit as good, we just haven’t played much together.”

This week, the Longhorn defense will have to stop Melrose running back Carlos Reeves who Burns calls the “best running back in the state.” In the six-man game, one standout player can take over a game.

“Ask Floyd of two years ago, they won state with one great player,” Burns said.

But with their youth, the Longhorns are lacking a star player. Burns said his team is balanced which also makes them effective.

“Even the guys that run plays in for me have scored touchdowns,” Burns said. “It’s not like we’re one dimensional.”

If the team stays healthy Burns said they have a chance to do well this season. Against Tatum, Burns collided with Sanders and suffered a concussion. He still only knows what happened through what people tell him. Sophomore Dathan Garcia has been hobbled throughout the season after having ankle surgery.

Burns said with his young team that more than anything he is looking for improvement.

“We’re starting to see some things we didn’t see at the beginning of the year,” Burns said. “ We’re getting better and better every week.”