First night show to say ‘thanks’

By Ryan Lengerich

Tune in your radio and look to the sky.

For the first time, the Rotary Club will present an night show at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Tucumcari Convention Center. But most the action can be seen anywhere in the city, said show organizer Bob McClelland Jr.

Radio station KTNM 1400 AM will carry the music to accompany the performance.

There will be no charge for admission and the show is expected to last about 30 minutes.

“We’re hoping to get a positive response, it is like a thanks to the community,” McClelland said. “The community has been so suppportive of the air show so we thought would would try it and see if they really appreciate it.”

The show will feature Yak-54 pilot Eric Beard, hang glider Dan Buchanan and H101 Salto Glider Bob Carlton. McClelland said Beard has “probably the best night show in the business.”

Beard estimated that preparation for the four minute performance can reach as much as 14 man hours. The plane carries about 200 pounds of pyro-technics and the show is fully choreographed to music.

“If they have never seen anything like that they are going to be impressed with it,” Beard said.

Dan Buchanan is a paraphalegic who uses a specially designed rope system and a tow truck to accellerate into the air. He is also a licenced pyro-technician who designs all of the special effects on the wings himself.

Bob Carlton will fly a nearly silent H101 Salto Glider with strobe lights and pyro-technics. The show features lighting by Whelen Engineering.