New MBA program offered by Eastern

By Angela Peacock

Beginning Oct. 21 Eastern New Mexico University will offer a Master of Business Administration program through Mesalands Community College.

Lee Weyant, assistant professor of management and graduate coordinator for Eastern’s MBA program, said the MBA program is designed for working adults with or without an undergraduate degree in business.

Courses will be taught via television, which Weyant said in his four years with the program has observed distance learning to be nothing but a success.

“Students are able to see me and I’m able to see them through two way video and audio so it’s just like them being right here in front of me in Portales,” Weyant said.

Currently, Eastern offers its MBA program using distance learning to Carlsbad, Clovis, Cannon Air Force Base, Roswell and Ruidoso. Weyant has been looking into offering the course at Tucumcari for the past few years, and said now that the technology is available he excepts nothing but good things for students who choose to participate.

Weyant wants to stress that the MBA program isn’t just for those who earned an undergraduate in business. He said his son, who has a degree in history, had to take the prerequisites for the MBA program but was still eligible to enter the program.

Students who don’t have an undergraduate in business must take basic business courses also referred to as the “common body of knowledge.”

Weyant explained how finishing the MBA program can be done in five semesters but for those who don’t who have an undergraduate completing the program could take at least three years to complete.

“We have and estimated 48 to 62 students going through the course at all times. Last year was one of our largest graduating class ever; and when it is all said and done our students will end up with one heck of an education,” Weyant said.

ENMU Business Professor John Humphreys will teach managerial research methods, the first MBA program to be offered in Tucumcari from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday evenings at Mesalands Community College. He said aside from getting area resident involved in the MBA program this semester will be used to test out the technology to ensure it will function properly.

“Hopefully the new MBA will benefit people on both ends,” Humphreys said. “We want it to help us build our program up in numbers and in turn we can help (area residents) by providing them with a quality MBA program for working individuals.