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Lynn Moncus: Comments from the Canyon

If you missed the events at Tucumcari Historical Museum last weekend, you missed one of the most exciting times we have had there this century. The New Mexico Archaeologists were there en masse and had more to tell us than we could possibly begin to learn. Just viewing their exhibits was most enlightening, and then visiting with them was a rare privilege because they were eager to talk about the past as well as about the present.

Seeing so many people from throughout our town and county let us know that we still like to get together as has been our tradition since our area began to be settled. We have but to look at the early newspapers to see how that tradition began and how people liked to get away from hard work for a few hours in order to meet and greet each other.
People of all ages collected during both days and spent much time visiting while viewing the exhibits and watching the various events. Just watching the elementary students from House was a great pleasure. They toured the museum and participated in activities in the Kids’ Corner. Their teachers allowed them plenty of freedom but maintained control so all could enjoy what was happening. As we watched them board their bus to leave, we saw many tired, happy faces and felt that they had collected many memories to share through the years.

The Blue Grass music certainly added tot he atmosphere of celebration and allowed many people to enjoy music and song. Few of the listeners could keep from tapping their feet or humming along. Watching their faces let us know how much they were appreciating the many offerings and were eager for more.

Having Quay County Day and Tucumcari Day proclamations read added the necessary formality to the days and made us proud to be citizens. Gregg Carnefix interviewed many visitors as well as local people in order to let the listeners to KTNM know what was happening and to entice them to join in the celebration.

Having the archaeology fair at Tucumcari Historical Museum was a major privilege for all of us because they choose their sites very carefully and decided to come to Tucumcari to learn more about the east side of the state. Several of them were heard to say that they plan to return to do some exploring because they captured a hint of the offerings we have.

We certainly owe Bruce Nutt and the many city employees who helped him with the work on the grounds a vote of gratitude. Because of Bruce’s interest in our history and in getting more recognition for our area, we were able to have such a fair. He isn’t afraid to offer invitations or to do the work involved in getting ready for such occasions. If we will but support him in such efforts, we will see other happenings at the museum.

We have a wonderful area for archeologists to explore and a wonderful area for historians to investigate. We also have hundreds of friendly people who are eager to see more activities in our area in the hopes of helping our economy while allowing us the opportunity to spend a few hours together. We really can do great things if we so desire.