Just Passin’ Through: Trucker wants to be superhero

By Angela Peacock

Stay optomistic, peaceful, realize life is beautiful and never forget God is the boss is how Haile Watson approaches life each day.

While on his way to California to drop off a shipment for CRST 26-year-old Watson, from Long Beach, New York, stopped at Love’s Country Stop Friday and talked about various factors and beliefs that have impacted his life.

“I learned a lot from my father,” Watson said. “I really admire the fact that he and my mother were married for 30 something years. Since he was always around I was able to watch him evolve as a person.”

A kind, humorous, well-balanced individual is how Watson described himself, and though he’s not a family man right now he plans to be someday if he he’s not busy making cash to save the world.

“Becoming a billionaire is my top priority and I will someday, somehow. But I also want to become the worlds first super hero, one who isn’t just in a comic book,” Watson said.

Though Florida, California and New York are the three places Watson said he prefers above all the place he’s traveled, there is something about the vast open spaces of New Mexico he’s come to appreciate.

“There is a whole lot of nothing here, but in some ways a whole lot of something,” Watson said. “The people are a lot more relaxed than previous places I’ve visited and the geography with the mountains here is just captivating.”

Watching and playing sports are some of Watson’s favorite pastimes. He said if he could relive any time in his life it would have been high school, but not just to play ball.
“If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t have skipped so much class and would have strived for academic excellence instead of smoking so much,” Watson said.

Mean people is Watson’s biggest pet peeve. He said if people would just learn to take the good with bad and remain positive while trying to focus on ways to improve the economy, America would be a much better place to live.

“Life has taught me to take the good with the bad and to really magnify what’s positive,” Watson said. “My father passed away last year, but I’ll never forget how he taught us to survive and stay with it through the thick and thin and to always keep moving forward.”