Cancer survivor educates public

By Angela Peacock

October is breast cancer awareness month and the Tucumcari Public Library has set up a booth inside the library to provide local residents with reading material about early detection, support groups and various other topics relating to cancer.

Library Director Mary Ann Molinas said the library always tries to keep the public aware of the different monthly campaigns, but has a special reason for placing extra emphasis on breast cancer awareness month.

“I’ve been a breast cancer survivor since 1986. My sister and I both had it at the same time. It runs in our family so breast cancer awarness month is something I take personally,” Molinas said.

Regular mamograms and self breat exams are two of the most effective methods of early detection, and Molinas said since no one is immune from cancer so it’s important for anyone who even suspects they’re at risk for breast cancer to make an appointment with their physician.

“It’s so important to get the word out about breast cancer and for women to learn how to protect themselves because early detection is the quickest way to finding the best method of getting through it,” Molinas said.

From noon to 1 p.m. on Oct. 29 Trigg Memorial Hospital will be holding a breast cancer awarness seminar at Mesalands Community College with Molinas and her sister Gina Perea as guest speakers for breast cancer awareness.

Chris Grady, radioloy department with hospital, will help host the seminar. She said more than anything she wants area residents to know the importance of breast cancer preventitive measures and the different options available for those already diagnosed with the disease.

Women under age 35 should practice regular self breast exams. Grady said after age 40 women should receive a mamogram once a year.

“Who is at risk? Anyone who has breast tissue and that includes the male population,” Grady said. “Gaining knowledge about preventative measures are so that people can make an educated option about whatever situation comes there way is the best reason to attend the seminar.”

For more information contact the Tucumcari Public Library at 461-0295.