Six-man showdown

By Ryan Lengerich

If there truly is strength in numbers, House could be in trouble this weekend against perennial district powerhouse Logan.

The two teams meet in a crucial district matchup 1 p.m. Saturday at House.

Logan (3-3) and House (1-3) each have one district win with three district games left to play. Logan blew out the N.M. School for the Deaf early in the season and House grabbed their first win of the season against Roy.

House has never defeated Logan let alone won a district championship since the program began five years ago.
“It is the biggest game in House history,” said Cowboy head coach Justin Foust. “It would definitely be the biggest win in school history in any sport.”

The game certainly has that David vs. Goliath feel. Half of the Cowboy roster are seniors, but there are only eight players listed. The majority of Monday’s practice was with five players. One player had the veterinarian visiting to look at his horse, another had to take the bus home at 4 p.m. and a third was doctoring his calves Last week, the team missed two practices for the wind farm dedication.

“It’s hard to have a practice and it’s hard to put ourselves in game situations,” Foust said. “But when they do come they work hard.”

Logan head coach Billy Burns has a roster nearly three times as large and has a junior varsity team. Foust certainly wouldn’t mind borrowing a couple Logan players to give his own team a break.

“Logan now is just blessed in numbers,” Foust said. “(Burns) is a heck of a coach and knows how to use his numbers to his advantage.”

For Burns and his defending district championship team, this weekend’s game will be business as usual.
“It is just another game for us, but were not expecting to go in there overconfident,” Burns said. “They will be ready for everything we throw at them so we’ll just have to the better team that afternoon.”

House is led by junior wide receiver Nathan Foust who racked up more than 700 yards in the last three games. N. Foust has adjusted to having a shorter bench than his opponents.

“We have been playing like that the whole season,” N. Foust said. “I hope we don’t get tired and hurt but you have to just suck it up and play to the end.”

Senior House quarterback Jordan Jennings throws the javelin during track season, which he said strengthens his arm for football.

“I really think we are going to surprise them with our passing game,” Jennings said. “Nobody expects us to pull this off, but I think it would be a huge confidence boost.”

Foust said the kicking game and penalties have doomed the Cowboys all season. His team average about 90-penalty yards each game. He knows his team has to play a near perfect game to pull off the upset.

“If we can put together a full game on offense, defense and kicking game I think we can give Logan a good run,” Foust said. “If we don’t it’s going to be a quick game.”