Show attracts worldwide quilters

By Angela Peacock

Visitors from Ohio, California, Hawaii and even Australia joined area quilt enthusiasts at the Tucumcari Convention Center Friday for the 10th annual Route 66 quilt show.

Tucumcari’s Quay-Z-Quilters are hosting the event which ends Sunday afternoon. An estimated 300 quilts were donated to the show from area residents and quilt enthusiasts.

Shirley McConahy, of Albuquerque, enjoys attending the Quay-Z-Quilters shows because the people are nice, the facility has good lighting and because Tucumcari hosts one of the best quilts shows she’s ever seen.

“For this small of a town you have a wonderful quilt show,” McConahy said.

McConahy’s husband Gary has become her personal color coordinator.

“She’ll come up to me with two pieces of fabric in her hand and ask me which one,” Gary said. “Then I tell her which one I like best and then she uses the one I didn’t choose.”

Another husband and wife duo who attended the show was Bill and Wanda Page of Grady. Bill said he doesn’t enjoy doing the stitching on quilts but does find it entertaining to design the patterns, which make the quilt.

“I saw a boot quilt in a magazine and said ‘hey this is something I want us to do’ so Wanda helped me make a quilt similar to the one in the magazine,” Bill said.

Peggy Bullard, of Canyon, h decided to invite her husband Bill and another couple, Bonnie and Melvin Washer of Amarillo, to attend the show. Though Bill said his only reason for attending the quilt show was “because my wife made me,” Peggy knows better.

“He’s very cooperative with my quilting. He really enjoys it and sometimes he even gives me advice when I’m sewing,” Peggy said.

Since the quilt show began nine years ago Mary Bandy, of Panhandle, Texas, and Peggy Acord, of Amarillo, enjoy more than just the show.

“We always make a day of it when we come for the quilt show,” Acord said. “We enjoy eating at Del’s and shopping at ALCO, it has sort of became tradition.”