Computer literacy at Mesalands

QCS Reports

QCS Reports
For anyone who is overwhelmed at the thought of computer programs, Mesalands Community College is offering courses to help ease the learning process.

Mesalands will be offering two – one credit courses beginning Nov. 6 for students interested in learning how to use the Quicken program and another course in graphics applications.

John Yearout, director of public relations at Mesalands, said the purpose behind the courses is to show people what various programs can do so they can develop a better idea of whether they’d like to take a three or four credit course covering similar material.

“A lot of people are afraid or intimidated by computers but these courses let people sit down with an instructor, hit the on button and learn where to go from there,” Yearout said.

One of the programs being offered this semester is Quicken, a financial accounting program software which will introduce people to quickly learn some of the basic tools and commands in the program. It is a program used to keep track of personal or small business finances.

Basics of graphics application is the second course offered this semester. Yearout said it’s an introductory course exposing people to the different applications used for printing such as Microsoft Publish, and PageMaker.

Mesalands President Dr. Phillip Barry said the college has been offering courses through the Institute for Computer Literacy program since 1997, and has had an estimated 200 to 300 students sign up for various courses.

He added that students who complete five out of seven computer courses will receive a certificate for basic computer literacy.

“The best feedback we get about the courses it that the are designed for the working adult, they’re short, consise,” Barry said. “People can come and get what they want rather than a lot of extra material.”

For more information about the courses contact Yearout at 461-4413 ext. 138.