Just Passin’ Through: Internet meeting leds to wedding

By Angela Peacock

Strapping a tarp over a trailer full of furniture, Dell Parker and his wife Cherokee didn’t mind helping Dell’s little sister Paulette Bell move from Fresno, Calif. to Oklahoma to be with her fiancee.

The Parker’s, retired newlyweds, said despite a blowout on their trailer they’ve had an enjoyable trip because of pleasant weather and a nice visit with family members in California.

Instead of renting a U-Haul trailer, which Dell said would have cost an estimated $3,000, he created a makeshift trailer by securing pieces of ply wood to a flat bed trailer to create an enclosed area so Bell’s furniture would be safe during the trip.

“We’ll make it back to Oklahoma yet, we’re sorta like the Oklahoma Dust Gain from the 1930’s but we’re going in reverse,” Dell said, chuckling.

Bell met her fiancee via the Internet and said what’s even more unique about her relationship, with soon to be husband Shane Carter, is that Dell and Cherokee met him before she did.

“Shane is a real nice guy and I’m sure everyone will welcome him into the family just like Dell’s sisters have welcomed me,” Cherokee said. “Like I said before, if we hadn’t liked him he would never has gotten to meet Paulette in person because Dell’s family is very close, but also protective over their loved ones.”

Upon returning to their home in Oklahoma, the Parkers said they must tend to their wide assortment of farm animals and ensure their 18-year-old grandson Frank Walker has been surviving high school.

All three agreed they’ve been fortunate to see some beautiful country in Tucumcari and different parts of the country during their journey across the southwest, but none are as beautiful to them as their home in Westvill, Okla., with an average population of 1,600 people.

“We have chickens, a pig with ten piglets, genes just a bunch of curious little creators,” Dell said. “But heck we’re just as curious.”