Travelers concerned about NM

By Angela Peacock

For seven years Michael and Debra Pardue have celebrated their anniversary in a state they are disturbed to see dwindling away.

The couple stopped at Stuckey’s Truck Stop in Polomas on Friday to check out some souvenirs before making the final duration of their trip home to Wichita Fall, Texas. Michael said he was interested in knowing why a state so rich in history and natural beauty continues to struggle.

“If the pay scale was in any way equal to what we make now I’d move here tomorrow,” said Michael.

He and his wife were driving through the state questioning each other about what residents do to make a living.
“Who would want to stop at a place with an old junked up car on blocks parked in the street? Clean up something,” Michael said. “And why doesn’t the government do something instead of waiting until things are about to fall apart before they step in?”

One serious New Mexico issue the Pardue’s can relate to is the drought. They said Wichita residents have been on water restrictions for the past two weeks which is negatively effecting productivity at businesses in the city.

The Pardue’s have had many enjoyable vacations at Red River, Ruidoso and encourage everyone to visit the Vietnam memorial in Taos. Despite concerns over other New Mexico issues such as why the state is tied with Mississippi for the worst education math scores in the nation they’ll still continue to vacation here as long as there’s snow.

“New Mexico is overwhelmed with history, and it has the Native American, Mexican and Anglo cultures where Texas doesn’t even have an Indian tribe,” the couple said. “The biggest reason we enjoy New Mexico is the great weather, and because we love the snow and it doesn’t snow in Wichita — we just get the ice.”