Just Passin Through: Across America to visit family

By Angela Peacock

Editor’s note: Just Passin’ Through is a weekly feature profiling the interesting people who stay only briefly in the community.

Traveling across America to spend time with family isn’t anything new for John and Jean Miller of Derby, Vt. or for Linette and John Winsler of Salina, Kan.

The Millers and Winsler’s have made paths down the same strip of road many times before, and after arriving at their destinations, the parents all intend on a live in visit rather than a vacation stop.

Since the Miller’s live five miles from the Canadian boarder it usually takes them nine driving days before they pull up at daughter Eva Miller’s door step in Trulauista, Calif.

The pleasure of seeing their child combined with the enjoyable California winter weather places an enormous smile on John’s face while he fills up with gas at Love’s Country Stop.

The Miller’s make their journey every other year since it is so far to travel, and once they arrive, John said they stay all winter. After several minutes of deep thought John couldn’t recall any unusual or horrible road trip adventures in all his years making the voyage along infamous Interstate 40. He did recall the pleasant memories he made working as a computer programmer in Los Alamos.

“New Mexico is beautiful country,” Miller said.

While the Millers plan to enjoy the retired life in the comfortable climate of California, moving to Nevada isn’t so the Winsler’s can reward themselves during retirement by trying out every new casino on the Vegas strip. Instead the proud parents of Danny Clemens are heading out west to help raise their two granddaughters ages 10 and 3.

Linette understands that she’s going to have her hands full but said since all her other children and grandchildren are already grown it allows her the opportunity to spend time with those she truly loves before they too grow up and move away.

Being from the flatlands of Kansas, the Winsler’s are used to the vast open country they saw when they visited the Land of Enchantment, which Linette believes is a perfect New Mexico nickname.

“It’s a really pretty drive through New Mexico and Texas, it kind of reminds me of the beautiful mountains of southern California,” Linette said.