Students receive financial aid

By Angela Peacock

After waiting more than a month since the semester’s first financial aid disbursement, eligible Mesalands Community College students are now able to receive the second half of this semester’s aid.

In previous years Mesalands awarded its aid in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester, but after a decision by the college’s administration, financial aid was disbursed separately this semester.

While some students didn’t understand reasons behind the change, sophomores Genie Noel and Melissa Campbell said as long as they receive their money they don’t care how the college disburses its aid.

“It doesn’t make a difference how you get your aid if you know how to save your money,” Campbell said. “This way is probably better especially for people who are just out of high school and don’t how to handle getting all of their money at once.”

Noel agreed and said this semester is probably the longest she’s ever waited to receive all of her financial aid, but isn’t upset in the least.

“I can see their point in doing it in two disbursements because it helps keep people in school,” Noel said. “As long as it eventually comes it really doesn’t make a difference when we get it.”

Students who haven’t already received their financial aid checks need can do so by reporting to Mesalands business office with one form of photo identification.