Suspected killer captured in Texas

Ryan Lengerich

A suspected killer with Quay County ties was captured Sunday after eluding police for more than five weeks.
Scott James Eizember, 42, is suspected of killing an elderly couple in Depew, Okla. on Oct. 18, Creek County (Okla.) police said.

According to a police report, Eizember was captured in Lufkin, Texas after an Arkansas man he had kidnapped shot Eizember four times in the chest.

Eizember had spent time in San Jon on at least three separate occasions and Police Chief Ben Gates arrested Eizember Aug. 18 for possessing a stolen vehicle. Eizember spent 13 days at the Quay County Detention Center before being released for lack of evidence, court records state.

“I was just thrilled to death that he was arrested,” said New Mexico State Police Lt. Nathan Wallace. “We have spent a lot of effort and time, not just us but all the agencies around, to try to make sure this guy was arrested.”

Since the October incident, Oklahoma state and local officials had been searching for Eizember in a densely wooded area near Creek County. As recently as Nov. 12, Creek County Chief Deputy Mike O’Keefe said authorities strongly believed Eizember was in the Creek County area, despite unsuccessful full scale searches.

According to an Angelina County (Texas) police report, an Arkansas couple told police they had stopped to help a stranded motorist in Arkansas who turned out to be Eizember. He then displayed a gun and told the couple to drive south. The couple convinced Eizember to let them out to use the restroom, which is when a struggle ensued between Eizember and the male victim.

The male then shot Eizember four times in the chest, but Eizember was still able to assault the couple and escape the scene. Eizember then proceeded to a grocery store in a neighboring county seeking help with his wounds while carrying his weapon, the report said.

After leaving the store, police stopped Eizember’s vehicle on Highway 59 and he claimed he had been shot by an unknown assailant. The officers took Eizember’s gun and transported him to a Lufkin hospital where they learned he was wanted for murder.

“I really felt that being at large that long that he was going to surface somewhere else,” Wallace said. “I was really afraid that someone was going to get hurt.”