Calling Quay County home

By Lynn Moncus

Although each day is special in our county, some are just naturally more outstanding because of friends we have made along the way. When the telephone rang Wednesday morning, one of those outstanding days was under way. Bobbie Nelson Lutz was calling from Oklahoma City to do some visiting and much reminiscing.

Mentioning her father, Bob Nelson, in a recent column seemed to have started her thoughts about the past, and she was kind enough to share some of them. At first, we were both talking so fast that neither of us had much time to think. Just hearing each other’s voice after more years than we could remember was a most pleasant experience. Once we settled into the conversation, we were as comfortable as if we had been talking the day before.

We were both recalling incidents involving our parents and were certainly journeying into the past. She talked about her father’s having begun working at the Tucumcari American and how he started her interest in newspaper work when she was 8 years old. He would sit her atop a large dictionary, place a smaller dictionary beside her and tell her to proofread the paper before it went to press.

She said she enjoyed that immensely until one day he took her to the courthouse to interview a prisoner. In her great excitement about that experience, she told her mother where she had been and whom she had seen. Mrs. Nelson decided she didn’t need to learn too much at once and felt she might do better to stay away from the newspaper until she was a little older. Her love of words and writing remained, however, and she has used both throughout her life.

We talked about her brother, Jim Nelson, who was one of my students at Forrest when I began teaching there. He now lives in Houston and is a bit impatient at the moment because his home was one of the ones flooded during the last big rain in that area. He is not found of our dust storms, but I think he would have preferred one of those at this particular time.

Bobbie said that when either she or Jim use the word home, they mean Quay County and their home near Ragland. She talked about their father and his overseeing the building of that adobe dwelling. She also mentioned that he much preferred his working and owning various newspapers to the farming he began when he moved his young family to that area.

For years she has been in real estate business and has taught many classes. She pointed out how very much she had learned from her students, many of whom were fro various professions. We were on common ground with that as we had been with each subject we talked about.
I was remembering her kindness to Mother when she was in the hospital. bobby would take the time to visit her and to polish her nails because she knew mother always liked to have her hands look nice. I’m not sure how much we appreciated all she did.

We both enjoyed talking about our pioneering grandparents and about so much that has happened since their arrival in our county. Such conversations with friends from the past make us very award of continuity and of our great good fortune in being able to call Quay County home.