Travelers feed homeless

By Angela Peacock

Traveling across America to feed the homeless and spead their love is how members of the self proclaimed business “Yo Mammas Kitchen” spend their days.

Erin Rowles, of Illinois, Dale Paulman, of Minnesota, Jade Seitz and Bob Towers, of New York, all travel in a two door Isuzu pickup with a camper shell. The four stopped at Loves Country Store Wednesday on their way to Silver City to visit more friends.

The group’s mission is to show others who are less fortunate than themselves that there is someone in this world who cares. Besides providing them with a hot meal Rowles said “Yo Mammas Kitchen” allows homeless individuals the opportunity to return the favor to someone else by joining their caravan, which consists to two full sized school busses and an R.V.

“I don’t have any idea how many people we’ve feed I know it’s in the thousands,” Rowles said. “It’s really rewarding though because we pick up new people all the time. It’s neat because they can just meet us one time and want to join our cause — they feel the love.”

With guitar in hand, Towers said he writes his own music and plays mostly to entertain himself and others on long road trips. He also uses his talent for income.
All four “Yo Mammas Kitchen” volunteers agreed it’s not always easy living a life on the road, but of all the places they’ve traveled New Mexico is one of their favorites.

“Riding hundreds and hundreds of miles a day gets boring for anyone but I love New Mexico it’s beautiful and has awesome skies,” Paulman said.

The meal the group serves to their homeless friends is one well known to most New Mexicans.

“We’re more of a burrito kitchen than a soup kitchen I can’t tell you how many thousands of burrito’s I’ve served,” Rowles said.