New England natives value western America

By Angela Peacock

Bill and MaryAnn McCarthy want to clarify a common misconception they believe some people have about Americans from the east coast.

“You always hear people saying the people from the New York area are cold. That’s not true it’s just that there are so many of them if you stop to worry with everyone you come across you’d never get anything done,” Bill said. “It’s a lot slower paced here, but the people do all seem very friendly.”

Returning home after a three week trip across the country to visit family in New York and New Jersey, the McCarthy’s stopped at Holiday Shell to let their faithful traveling partner, a golden retriever named Data, have an opportunity to take care of his business outside in an old parking lot instead of in the back seat of their vehicle. Until their stop Thursday, the McCarthy’s didn’t realize how each time they travel Route 66 through New Mexico they’ve always managed to stop in Tucumcari.

MaryAnn recalls purchasing several Indian souvenirs during past visits, and said it’s “terrific” how New Mexico is so rich in history and culture.

“If I lived here I’d probably be lonely but I can sure appreciate the beauty,” MaryAnn said. “It’s such a nice contrast to where we’re originally from in the east. All the Indians there are in Connecticut, but they don’t have the tribes who have kept their land and preserved their culture like they do here.”

Though the vast open spaces found in western America isn’t anything similar to the couples native home of Brooklyn, N.Y., they both agreed there’s much to appreciate about this area of the nation.

“You can see a hell of a long ways here where you can’t in the east because of the trees, and it’s so much more congested there. The traffic didn’t let up on this trip until we got out of Tennessee,” Bill said. “During our travels we’ve learned so much about this country. There are great places all over. Utah is absolutely gorgeous, we actually saw a Mountain Lion crossing the road right in front of us.”