Undefeated Rattlers stage come-from-behind victory

By TV Hagnenah

Clearly, the game the previous evening had taken its toll as the Tucumcari Lady Rattlers took on the Logan Lady Longhorns Saturday evening.

Tucumcari started slow on offense and while their defense was solid early in the game. But it was not enough for Tucumcari to overcome the full-court pressing Lady Longhorns as Logan dropped the winless Lady Rattlers 52-26 at Rattler Gym Saturday night.

“I felt we did not play as well as we did (Friday) night,” said Tucumcari coach Alicia Trujillo. “It’s understandable, but it is still frustrating.”

Besides the clear exhaustion of the Tucumcari basketball players, one of the keys to the Longhorns success was the stand-out play of Logan senior Nikki Rogers who led all scorers with 27-points. Rogers single handedly outscored the Tucumcari squad.

“A player of her caliber is always a pleasure to have on the court. She definitely adds to the team,” said Logan coach Bridget Rey.

Logan jumped out to an early lead and in the first period Tucumcari could not seem to find away to score. It fact, the quarter was almost half finished before the Lady Rattlers had any points.

It was clear that once again the full court press was having an effect on the Tucumcari team.
As the young Tucumcari squad got into the second period, they seemed to making definite progress in figuring out a bit of the Logan team’s magic as they closed to within three of the Longhorns. But that was not to last long as the Longhorn squad stretched the lead out again and ended the half ahead 26-11.

The second half proved to provide more of the same frustration for the Lady Rattlers. The Lady Longhorns stretched their lead to 22-points in the third quarter and 26 in the fourth quarter.

“I felt we were able to do a lot of things we wanted to,” Rey said. “It was a good game for us.”

Trujillo’s said the game gave her a chance to see some of the things that had to be adapted for the Lady Rattler’s upcoming tournament.

“It got really physical out there tonight and we weren’t ready for it,” said Trujillo. “We’ve got to get ready.”