Letter to the editor: No level playing field

I’m a long ago Tucumcari resident who checks out the Quay County Sun on line. I offer a strong second to your opinion about teams getting a home field advantage for the state championship game. It is unfair and guarantees there is not a level playing field.

Arizona has it right. Semi-final and championship games are played in the Phoenix area on neutral fields. Given Albuquerque’s central location in New Mexico it could serve similarly. The 1A, 2A, and 3A games are played at large Phoenix area high schools seating about 4,000.

The 2A and 3A games are a Saturday doubleheader. The 4A and 5A games are also a Saturday doubleheader at ASU’s Sun Devil Stadium and draw in the 15,000-20,000 range. The 2A-5A games are also broadcast live on Cox cable and draw solid ratings. Let’s go New Mexico. Get it right for the kids.

Steve Yarbrough
Chandler, Arizona (Tucumcari l952-63)