Bingo raises money for Rally

By TV Hagenah

Many of the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars got together Thursday evening to help out someone helping out someone else.

According to the commander of the Tucumcari VFW post Oracio Encinias, the Thursday bingo was to help out the organizers of the Mother Road Rally planned for June to get some working capital in place for the rally.

“The proceeds will help sponsor the rally which will raise money for Five Mile Park,” said Encinias.

Encinias said the park has a special place in his heart and he thinks for many of other VFW members also. For this reason, he feels that anything that he or the VFW post can do to help will be in a good cause.

“It’s a city landmark,” said Encinias. It was there when I was a kid. It was our swimming pool. It meant a lot to us.”

The president of the VFW’s Ladies’ Auxiliary, Kathleen Lopez, who was also helping out with the bingo night, agreed with Encinias.

“It meant so much to us,” said Lopez. “I learned to swim there.”

The park had been used for reunions, weddings, rallies, boy scouts and many other events.

Encinias said the park was later managed by one of the area’s Lions’ Clubs but has since fallen on hard times. Because of that, it needs some major refurbishment and that is the reason for the motorcycle rally in June.

“The Mother Road Rally people came up with the idea for this (the bingo night) and brought it up before the membership and we agreed to sponsor it so that’s why we’re here,” said Encinias.

The Bingo Manager at the VFW, Rudy Apodaca, said that one of the reasons that the people organizing the rally came to the VFW was that many of them are also veterans.

The VFW president said whatever bingo night raises will go towards the set up costs for the rally.

Irene Mares served as caller for the evening.