City road work continues

By TV Hagenah

Tucumcari officials said road work in town is flowing along well and “weather permitting” promises to have three more roads in town in good shape by mid-January.

Tucumcari Director of Community Development Doug Powers said work on Rock Island St. is in the final stages and work on Seventh St. has begun in earnest with city crews currently taking off the asphalt and milling and grinding it before it is shipped away prior to actual paving beginning.

“(Tucumcari) crews go in and mill and rough grade it and get it down to the basic shape,” said Powers. “That causes excess materials that have to be removed and hauled off.”
Powers said work on Seventh Street began on last week and is almost ready for Versatile Construction of Logan and Tucumcari to step in and begin the actual paving part of the road surfacing process.

Powers said when the city’s part of repaving Seventh Street is finished the crews under the direction of Larry Moore will move to Charles Street where they will begin the process over again.

“We’ve tried to work with people on this. We tried to set (the repaving) up over the Christmas break so we would cause as little disruption as possible for people doing things like getting children to school and bus routes,” said Powers.

Powers admited there has been some disruption but said the city crews have tried to keep it as brief as he possible.
When the early-winter repaving program is finished, Powers said that there will have been 18 blocks of paving done.

“I should mention that this all was done in coordination with the New Mexico Transportation Department,” said Powers. “We really appreciate all that they are doing. They are providing 80 percent of the funding.”