Girls finish fourth

By TV Hagenah

The success the Tucumcari Lady Rattlers had on Thursdays in their defeat over Lake Arthur did roll over into Friday and Saturday as they dropped both their next two games to their opponents. They lost 52-32 to Floyd and 45-36 to Monte Vista.

In the Friday game against Floyd in the first quarter was a tight defensive match up with both teams turning to the full-court press which while it did shut down the other team’s offensive attack did little to open up their own game in that vein.

While Floyd started to open up some ground in the second quarter. It was not until the second half where the Floyd squad held the Tucumcari girls to just two points that Floyd started putting some distance between themselves and Tucumcari.

Tucumcari made a strong run at the Floyd squad in the final period, but by that time the game was already clearly in the win column of the Floyd team.

On Saturday, because of the win and loss, the Tucumcari girls were playing for third place against Mesa Vista.

At the start it looked to be Tucumcari’s game as they jumped out to a quick lead and maintained it throughout the first quarter and part of the second., then, however Mesa Vista started to pick up their game. They tied the game at the half and outscore Tucumcari by five in the third quarter and by nine in the final quarter.

Following the half-time break, Tucumcari could not seem to find their equilibrium sufficiently to come back to take the Mesa Vista team.


Floyd 6 14 16 16
Tucum 6 9 2 15
Individual Scorers
Tucumcari: Jocelyn DeBord 3, Nikki Newman 5, Whitney Spinks 6, Amanda Tapia 3, Jamie Jones 15.
Floyd: Kelli Johnson 3, Jewlie Paiz 17, Corina Mendoza 2, Blair Jaramillo 3, Cindy Andrade 12, Noel Carpenter 6, Darcee Chanault 3, Carley Dement 2, Rebecca Blue 2, Vicki Huber 2.
M. Vista 8 13 13 11
Tucum 10 11 8 7
individual Scorers
Tucumcari: Nikki Newman 2, Whitney Spinks 10, Amanda Tapia 6, Erin Kinksey 9, Jamie Jones 6, Samantha Montano 3.
Monte Vista: Leticia Pena 5, Kyla Aline 2, Keena Trujillo 4, Debra Chavez 6, Amanda Jaramillo 3, Reena Montoya 6, Ashley Aline 12, Darla Guillen, Candice Herrera 6.