Services address more than 450

TV Hagenah

Well over 450 people turned out for the sixth annual end of the year Community Worship Service held at the Tucumcari Convention Center on Sunday, Dec. 28.

One of the organizers of the annual event, Rev. Jim Witcher, said the crowd marked one of the largest turn-outs the Tucumcari Ministerial Alliance has ever had for the six-year history of the services.

“I was very happy with this,” said Witcher. “The number of people was quite impressive.”

Witcher said that no one was keeping track of the exact numbers attending the combined church services, but the organizers had set out 400 chairs for those attending and after those filled, staff went back twice to get more loads of chairs as more people came in so he is estimating that the number attending was in the neighborhood of 475.

Witcher said one of the reasons could be that the weather was some of the best he can remember.

“I will tell you that more churches took part than ever before,” said Witcher.

Six different ministers addressed the gathering leading prayers, preaching a sermon or serving communion to the 400 plus parishioners in attendance.

Warren Colebank, music minister of the First Baptist Church sang a featured solo and Sally Baker led those gathered in five different hymns.

“I thought it went excellently,” said Witcher who spoke in his sermon about the need to draw together emotionally while turning to the outside of the organized church structure in Tucumcari to find people to come to services in the area.

Witcher also spoke about the desire of members of the Ministerial Alliance to build three large crosses just east of Tucumcari to symbolize the area’s commitment to the Christianity.

Churches taking part in the services included: The First Christian Church, The First Baptist Church, The Center Street United Methodist Church, The First Assembly of God, Trinity Baptist Church, Church of God and Immanuel Baptist Church.

“There were a number of people there from other churches, too,” said Witcher.David English, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Tucumcari, addresses the combined congregations of seven different churches at the Community Church Service held at the Tucumcari Convention Center just before communion is celebrated.”